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Friday, May 28, 2010 @ 7:20 PM
mandatory intro post

I once had a dream of starting a cooking blog. Having filled my Google Reader with blogs laden with beautiful food photography, I set out to chronicle my adventures in my kitchen. Shortly after starting said blog, however, I realized that I lacked the photography skills (macro setting? what's that?), patience to photograph each step of the process, and ingenuity to invent my own recipes. I lacked nearly all the ingredients to make a winning blog.

Flash forward a few years. I fulfilled a life-long goal of taking cake decorating classes and soon became obsessed with baking. I began chronicling my baking projects via facebook photo albums. [It was much easier to post pictures of the final products and let them speak for themselves than to try to explain everything]. 200+ pictures later and I noticed that I had not only begun to take pictures of the food I made, but I had started taking pictures of everything I ate. I had also developed a slightly better understanding of food photography. This, combined with the desire to guestblog for a friend's
blog, made me realize that I should just bite the bullet and try blogging again... this time, however, I hope to be able to just post pictures if I feel like it, or step by step instructions if I'm feeling ambitious. Food is a major part of my life and I hope to be able to show that to all of you with posts about what I'm cooking for dinner, the baking binge I went on during finals week, the appetizer I had at that new restaurant I tried, or the fantastic produce I scored at the farmer's market.


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