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Saturday, August 7, 2010 @ 4:10 PM
DiBruno Bros.

So after my friend Maddie gorged ourselves on Ben & Jerry's
ice cream happy hour, we sat in Rittenhouse Square, ogled the cookbooks at Barnes & Noble and perused Anthropologie. We were going to head over to Philly Cupcake, but it was closed. On our way back to Market East Station, I spotted the Di Bruno Brothers store and had to go in. I had been to their Italian Market location, but this store was an experience. The walls were lined with aromatic olive oils and Italian specialties to take home. The center of the store featured smoked meats and beautiful Italian pastries. The front of the store had a vivid array of produce and an espresso bar featuring Illy coffee. As the rich aroma of espresso drifted toward me, I was instantly brought back to the many afternoons I spent drinking lattes un banco in Firenze. The back wall was lined with huge hunks of cheese in all textures and tastes. When I looked at the cheese section, it was like the giant wheels of delicious dairy were magnets drawing me near. I couldn't resist. I talked to the cheesemonger who was eager to give me some cheese to sample (and who was I to refuse such generosity?). After discussing the baking advantages of European butter and what accoutrements he adds to his blue cheese, I walked away with a hunk of Swiss Cave Aged Emmentaler, onion foccacia and my favorite iced tea in the world, San Bennedetto Te Limone, which I drank every day four summers ago to cool off in the Firenze heat.

Here, my friends, is a look at Di Bruno Brothers' shop on Chestnut:


Di Bruno Bros.
1730 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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