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Saturday, June 12, 2010 @ 8:37 PM
thank you, Sushi Land

I don't often crave sushi, but when I eat it, I'm always glad for doing so.


After hearing just about everyone I know talk about Sushi Land, I finally tried it out. I was happy to have a friend with me who knew a little more about sushi than me, so I could ask questions, even though I'm not the most adventurous sushi eater. We sat at the bar and got to watch everything being made. Most of the plates going out were visually stunning, with the contrast of white sticky rice meeting alternating pieces of orange salmon and pink tuna (check out the website and look at the "rolls" section for pictures of the Halloween roll or the cherry blossom to see what I mean).

IMG_3459 IMG_3461

I got the spicy tuna roll (fresh tuna, cucumber and spicy sauce) and the Philly roll (salmon, cream cheese, avocado, tobiko), though I snagged a piece of my friend's crunch roll (pictured above and made up of shrimp, cucumber, spicy sauce and "crunch"... yes, you read right. I quoted the menu) and that was certainly the winner.

Sushi Land
861 West Lancaster Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-3336
(610) 527-5527

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