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Friday, June 11, 2010 @ 6:00 PM
sunday brunch

I'm a little behind in posting. This past week was crazy with driving all over and running errands and finishing up last minute things before I leave [more on that later].

However, I would be remiss in my blogging if I didn't share pictures of the amazing
brunch buffet I went to with my sister and her husband. It was quite literally a smörgåsbord of delicious offerings--everything from eggs benedict and pancakes to hand-carved roast beef and potato salad. There were chefs on hand manning the made-to-order omelette and waffle station, which stood a few feet away from the dessert table [imagine everything from flan and key lime mousse pie to cannoli, cream puffs and raspberry bars to a chocolate fountain and fruits to dip].

Heaven. Heaven, I tell you.

IMG_3330 IMG_3333
IMG_3338 IMG_3335
(please note how I skimped on the real food in favor of dessert--though, to be fair, my sister split her omelette with me and I shared my waffle smothered in raspberry and blueberry sauces)

Stonewell Restaurant
354 Colt Highway
Farmington, CT 06032-2547

Phone: (860) 677-8855

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