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Sunday, September 5, 2010 @ 7:46 PM
flugtag & hats off to Hatfield Deli

Yesterday I went to Redbull Flugtag with friends at the Camden pier. I think I expected things to be easier to see (they had huge screens for the crowd in the parking lot for people waiting in lines for drinks and the port-o-potties, but the masses collected by the water front made visibility difficult). If I had to do it again, I might go earlier and smuggle in snacks (and wear sunscreen... but more on that later).

My favorite creation: the dodo bird. Its creators knew it wasn't going to fly and they weren't going to pretend like it was. I also admire the expert sculpting of paper mache. Bravo, boys.

Despite trying to leave a smidge early to beat the crowds, we were shocked at the two hour long wait for the ferry. Starving and slightly sunburnt, we trudged toward the train station and packed in like sardines headed back to Philly.

We stopped at Reading Terminal to eat and all I wanted was a sandwich with meat on it. I was dreaming of a hoagie topped with cheese and the works in addition to meat, but my stomach knew better. It somehow guided my tired feet to Hatfield Deli where I ordered the Jewish corned beef sandwich on rye with spicy brown mustard. Normally I am vehemently opposed to rye and averse to mustard, but for some reason it worked. The corned beef was paper thin and tender and massively stacked. I could go for another one right now...

While we ate, we all compared sunburns, though I didn't even think I got any color. The weather was brilliant, if a little windy (good for the audience, bad for the aircrafts... and I use that term loosely for some). It wasn't until I got home that I realized I had gotten sunburn as pink as my corn beef sandwich.

[womp womp]

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