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Monday, January 31, 2011 @ 5:06 PM
if you give an Anne arugula...

You might just get yourself soup. My friend Anne is Sicilian and was describing the most delicious escarole soup the other day. She mentioned how difficult it is to find escarole, so I said I'd be on the lookout for her in my food travels. This isn't uncommon for me as I've been known to squeal at the sight of fresh lima beans and call friends who've been trying to hunt them down. So, while at Reading Terminal on Saturday, I happened to stop in front of a mountain of leafy greens in hopes of finding escarole. I grabbed what I thought were two heads, texted Anne to let her know I scored the greens and was on my way.


A few minutes after dropping the stuff off, I got a text from Anne saying that I had actually brought her arugula. whoops! Turns out, you can make the soup just the same and it comes out delicious. Anne was kind enough to deliver me some while it was still hot and it is creamy-dreamy and delicious. There's no actual cream in it, but she gave me the recipe (no I'm not sharing) and the beans are undrained, giving the broth a creamier texture.


So. Darn. Delicious.

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